Microclimate Environments


Microclimate environments ensure an stable climate for artworks in fluctuating, uncontrolled or just different environments.

Temporary loans, poor climate conditions during exhibition, periods in storage and travels sometimes require additional measures of protection.

Sara Mateu offers two kinds of microclimate systems for your paintings: microclimate frames and microclimate envelopes.




In a microclimate frame, the frame is used ad the primary housing for the painting. It is transformed into an enclosed environment by lining the interior of the frame with impermeable materials and sealing the painting between a glass and an impermeable backboard.


Microclimate Frame-01

Microclimate envelopes  seal the painting between the glass and a barrier film in a package that is independent from the frame. Thus, very little or none modification of the frame is required, making the package lighter, simplifying the making-process and reducing cost. Carefully planned and handled, they can be open and resealed many times.



Micrclimate envelope-01