The correct framing of a painting, specially when it is a panel, is a fundamental part of its preventive conservation. It is recognized that framing can directly affect the stability and integrity of a panel painting.

Our framing meets the following criteria:

  • The frame must be solid and stable. Otherwise, we take care of all repairs necessary.
  • The frame’s rebate needs to be deep enough to safely contain the whole thickness of the painting. We manufacture and install back frame build-ups to increase the rebate’s depth if when it is needed
  • The perimeter of the painting has a good contact with the frame. For warped panels, we ensure the good support of the painting making and installing curvature profiles.
  • Flexible attachments should be used hold the panel in the frame. We carefully choose the best framing system, taking into consideration the features and needs of each painting.
  • The reverse of paintings should be protected from dust, environment or blows with a backboard.