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Sara Mateu

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Condition report, treatment proposal and price estimation

First Condition report on-site or in-studio is free of charge.

First treatment proposal/price estimation is free of charge and valuable for 6 months. Passed that time, we would need to reassess the condition for the painting to consider an extension. Supplementary condition reports, treatment proposals an quotes will be subjected to an hourly rate.

Price estimations in our quotes exclude 21% of VAT. VAT is applicable for our clients in Belgium and clients within the EU that don’t have a VAT number.



Transportation of artworks must be provided by the client. Please, do not arrange for items to be delivered at our studio without making prior arrangements with Sara Mateu Conservation’s associates.

Upon request, we are available for transporting small objects of low value. There will be a fee for this service based on distance and time spent driving.

Larger or multiple objects as well as items of higher value should be conveyed by movers/art handlers.



All objects must be insured while at our studio or during transportation by a Sara Mateu Conservation associate. Clients must provide a “nail-to-nail” insurance and a waiver of subrogation.


Approval of treatment proposal/quote

The treatment proposal/price estimation specifies the type of work to be performed and its price based on an estimation of the time it will take for a Sara Mateu Conservation associate working full time. It also specifies the terms. A signed copy of a contract accepting the treatment proposal/quote and the terms and conditions will be required.

Minimal fee is 350€ + VAT.


Treatment scheduling and time of completion

Upon the acceptance of the treatment proposal/quote, we will schedule transportation and treatment for the object.

The time estimated in the treatment proposal/quote does not represent the actual delay for the treatment. The amount of time will depend on the conservator’s schedule, the requirements of the treatment and the urgency of the case.


Final Payment

We will notify the client when the treatment is finished and invoice for the treatment costs.

Payment must be received prior to or on the day of the pick up of the object unless other arrangements are made.


Storage fees for completed treatments

The client has a 30-days delay to retrieve objects from our studio. Passed that time, a per day storage fee will be charged starting the thirty first day.


Journeys out of Belgium

Transportation and accommodation during journeys out of Belgian territory are at the expense of the client.